For Paddle Royale’s product packaging, I drew inspiration from other companies who found ways of maintaining distinction through humble packaging designs.
For the initial in-store release, Paddle Royale will collaborate with artists around the world to create stunning, one-of-a-kind patterns and prints that allow the personalities of each player to shine. The 12 paddles (above) will be the first to hit stores across America. Retail selling stations will use natural materials like dark wood, white-washed wood, and aluminum to give a slick, powerful platform for the unique paddles to almost sell themselves.
The artist paddles allow the theme of the paddle to dictate it’s casing.
Each include two matching ping pong balls on the bottom fourth of the package (along with a charging/sync chord).
The bundle box includes one station, two paddles, and one matching ping pong ball. The inside of the box will express the same theme as each bundle’s included station (on side of box).
The charging station is an important part of the Paddle Royale experience. While players can charge using a small port on the back of each paddle, the conductive charging nodes on each paddle allow for the full “royal” experience. Players get to see their paddles stand with pride, upright in the charging station, which also features a booming bluetooth-capable speaker (for jamming out to some tunes) and a score keeper that can be activated through a button on the top of each paddle’s handle.
The print ads, that can be used outside around campuses or in an indoor shopping environment, use the same icons that are in the brand’s mark, for continuity.
In close proximity to the paddle shelves will be a separate unit that can have individual charging stations on one side and bundles and extra ball packs on the other. 
The extra ball pack includes just enough space for two ping pong balls of each of Paddle Royale’s colors.
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