Paddle Royale
Custom Neon Lettering
UH 150th Anniversary Logo Animation
United Way Logo Animation
Wild Goats Café Identity
Sacred Geometry Animation
GE HD LED Animation
Fashion Designer Branding
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Digital Sleeve (UI Design)
Rebranding Apollo
Spy-Themed Motion Graphics
Harrison Bergeren
Bridge gif
University Hospitals Cancer Center Commercial
Paper Quilling Logo
Color Photos
Earth's in HOT Water
Recipe Illustration
Vantage Agora Style Guide
2014 Logo Folio
A Palmistry Parcel
Entertainment Co. Branding
Alteras Album Cover
Jet Express Sound Design
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Vitamin Box Design
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My 1st App Design
Black & White Photography
ENJOY Cover Entry / B&W
Hazy Days Font
The Raven - Divide & Rule
We Are the 99%
Bad Cops